Service Area

Landscape Lighting

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting such as shopping malls, exhibition halls, parking lots, sports fields, stadiums, billboards, parks, sculptures, international green lighting projects, public corridors and building aisles.

Plant Lighting

It is suitable for high-shed factories, workshops, warehouses, logistics centers, exhibition halls, stadiums, shipyards, mines, highway toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, farmers markets and other places that need lighting.

Tunnel Lighting

It is suitable for road tunnel lighting, municipal engineering lighting, urban landscape lighting, architectural lighting, outdoor advertising lighting and other lighting needs.

Road Lighting

It is suitable for main roads, highways, elevated roads, urban streets, flyovers, sidewalks, squares, schools, residential areas, industrial areas, parks and other road lighting.

Sports Lighting

Suitable for scenes such as large football fields, rugby fields, golf courses, ski fields, racetracks and professional basketball courts.

Explosion Lighting

It is suitable for petrochemical plants, workshops, gas stations, oil depots, petroleum refining, coal plants, thermal power stations, wineries and other high-risk flammable and explosive places.


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